Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ch Ch Changes

Next month will be the two year anniversary of the Zac Attack. In two years, a lot has happened. There have been successes, failures, friends gained, friends lost, parties, funerals, weddings, even a few births. Two years in the life of a guy named Zachary can be pretty exciting.

But I've never been a fellow to stay in one place for very long. I've gotten off of the beaten path lately -- read: the last few months -- and I need a realignment. I need something new. I tried to spice things up with some template changes, but sometimes you need to start completely fresh.

I was never a big fan of "Zac Attack." I don't attack anything. I just write. It was more a play on the character from Saved By the Bell than it had anything to do with my personality. And attackzacattack. Who really remembers that?

I wanted something new. Something.. easy. I wanted, but it was already taken by a young chap who speaks some language I don't readily recognize. I think it's Portuguese. I just wanted zac, so I got the next best thing. Just Zac.

I'm writing this on April Fools Day, but I kid you not. The new url is Nothing fancy, nothing all that new. Just me doing what I've always done. Tell your friends, change your blogrolls, make the necessary changes. I'm going to keep this blog up for old times' sake, but make sure everyone gets to the new place.


I'll see you after the jump.

PS -- I haven't fixed all the bugs. I'm not really all that good with HTML or CSS, so the code is getting to me.