Monday, March 27, 2006

Quo Vadis?

Throughout the Plame investigation, Democrats placed much emphasis on the importance of the proceedings because the disclosure of classified information is intolerable. Now they decry the Justice Department's investigation into the leakers of the classified NSA eavesdropping program. Republicans, likewise, demand nothing short of a full investigation into the NSA leak while defending Lewis Libby's disclosure of classified information as insignificant and understandable.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison balked at the indictment of Libby as "some perjury technicality" while President Clinton's perjury was a grave, impeachable criminal offense.

To the end, it is loyalty to party and president -- above commitment to a particular set of political beliefs -- that determines the popular stand. We don't need political opportunists. We need politicians with some backbone. You can choose the path of same as always, or the path of demanding some conviction. Where are you going?

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