Friday, March 10, 2006

Like Chocolate and Sex

All obsessions must be indulged from time to time.

Poor President Bush. At least the United Arab Emirates withdrew their bid to take over American ports so the president didn't have to make good on his veto promise. It always works like that, eh? He threatens to slap his never-used veto on two bills that are so out of the mainstream idea of what's right that his aides have to find a face-saving way out of the situation. First a veto for a ban on torture and now a veto for a ban on allowing one of only three nations in the world that recognized Taliban Afghanistan from running the already vulnerable American ports.

Emporer's Clothes. Only thirty-seven percent of Americans approve of the president's overall performance -- the lowest in his presidency by AP/Ipsos polls. Bush's job approval among Republicans plummeted from 82 percent in February to 74 percent. Nearly 70 percent of people say the U.S. is on the wrong track, a 6-point jump since February. Nearly four out of five Americans, including 70 percent of Republicans, believe civil war will break out in Iraq. That sucks.