Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fighting Ourselves

I said before that I find the letters to magazines sometimes more enjoyable than the actual articles. This week is no different. I read this letter from Normal Michael Harman, Harpers Ferry, W.Va, today in The American Conservative.
While the U.S. spends billions of dollars transporting hundreds of thousands of troops and equipment halfway around the world, al Qaeda and its supporters build homemade IEDs out of ordinary household products and deliver them on motorbikes for pennies. While the administration rants about American moral superiority and military supremacy, a bunch of mail-order electricians humiliate the great American military machine on a daily basis -- except, that is, when it is busy humiliating itself by the slaughter of civilians.

Thus far this war on terror has only brough chaos and death, increased the number of terrorists in the world, ratched up international tensions, exacerbated cultural and religious animosities, wasted enormous amounts of American wealth, driven America's standing in the world to levels somewhere below whale excrement, and rent the last tenulous strands of the American democracy. If this be American conservative governance, I'll take the liberals.
I may not agree with everything he says -- at least not one-hundred percent -- but Mr. Harman makes pretty good points. And everyone's entitled to his opinion.